Can I simply use the home cage?

Yes, you do not have to remove food or enrichment, such as cottages or similar.

How many mice can I euthanate at the same time?

Stocking density is subject to applicable legislation (Annex A of EG / 2010/63)

How long does a cycle last?

A cycle lasts 6 minutes.

Can I cancel the cycle?

Yes, when the IVC is removed, the cycle is automatically canceled and the CO2 supply is stopped. However, the euthanasia of the animals is no longer guaranteed.

How do I turn on the GasDocUnit?

By inserting the appropriate IVC, the GasDocUnit starts the cycle automatically.

Where can I set up the GasDocUnit?

The GasDocUnit can be placed on any dry, level, horizontal laboratory surface and, thanks to its small size, fits into smaller laboratory environments. There is no separate deduction required.

Do I have to take special safety precautions because of the escaping CO2?

No, the normal room air circulation in a laboratory is sufficient for the safe operation of the GasDocUnit.

I did not find my IVC on the website. Is there a GasDocUnit to my system?

Maybe a GasDocUnit can be designed for your system. Please contact us.

Is the GasDocUnit also available for rats?

Not yet. However, a GasDocUnit for rats is currently being developed. If you are interested, we are happy to inform you.

Can I use the GasDocUnit to euthanize other rodents that are usually kept in Type2L cages?

No, the GasDocUnit has been designed for mice and no detailed testing has been done on other species.

How often does the GasDocUnit need to be maintained?

The GasDocUnit is maintenance-free. To check the correct operation, a flowmeter can be ordered as an accessory.

How often do I have to change the gas fine filter?

At least once a year.

Where can I get the gas fine filter?

Please contact the distribution partner in your sales area.

How do I connect my GasDocUnit?

The plug-in power supply unit connects the GasDocUnit to the mains. The gas can be supplied by CO2 gas bottles or the CO2 house connection of the laboratory. To do this, connect the plug connection to the CO2 gas source. In case of doubt, consult your house technician.

I have not installed a pressure reducer between gas source and GasdocUnit. Can I still operate the GasDocUnit?

No, the GasDocUnit can not work properly if the inlet pressure is not set to 0.5 bar inlet pressure via a pressure reducer.

Can I also connect several GasDocUnits to a gas source?

Yes, these can then be used in parallel and independently of each other. A connection kit is available from our distribution partner in your sales area.

How can I sterilize / disinfect the GasDocUnit?

The GasDocUnit is H2O2 resistant and can be cleaned with common disinfectants.

Can the GasDocUnit also be operated with other gases, eg Isoflurane?

The GasDocUnit is designed for use with CO2. Operation with alternative gases is not permitted.

Where can I get the GasDocUnit?

Please contact the distribution partner in your sales area.

Where can I see the GasDocUnit in operation?

A presentation of the GasDocUnit in your home can be offered by our distribution partners in your sales area. Current presentations and events can be found in our diary on this page. Please contact us for references.